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Collaboration. Usher Syndrome. Research. Empowerment.

The four key words of CUREUsher’s logo represents the charity’s core beliefs which could bring us closer to our goal of finding a treatment or cure for Usher syndrome. We strongly believe that more collaboration between researchers, organisations and patients is the key to achieving our goal. By bringing knowledge and participation together it could lead to a better understanding of Usher syndrome, how the disease works, and potentially lead to a treatment/cure.

We also believe that patient involvement brings empowerment to all those people living with Usher syndrome.

The purpose of our website is to create a resource where the latest information on Usher syndrome research, registries, and information can be accessed. By providing signposts to other like-minded organisations and groups, people can also become more involved in a worldwide Usher community, and make it even a bigger and more powerful one yet.

Our Mission Statement

‘To promote and protect the health of those suffering from genetically inherited Usher syndrome, through the provision of information for people affected by this condition, and by funding scientific research into the causes, treatment and cure of all types of the condition and publishing the useful results.'