A group photo, from left to right, Merrill Osmond, Deborah Heffernan, Carol Brill, Joanne White, Ian Rankin and Justin Osmond.. Gala rasing funds for Usher syndrome research

September 9th, 2019

The Hearing Fund UK 8th Gala benefitting CUREUsher

The recent Hearing Fund UK annual gala, held in Leeds at the Royal Armouries, featured a wonderful evening of entertainment with Merrill and Justin Osmond, and friends. CUREUsher was selected to benefit from the proceeds of this year?s event to support our work to fund research into Usher syndrome, the leading genetic cause of deafblindness.

Following the Meet and Greet session was dinner hosted by ITV presenter Christine Talbot. During the course of the evening a silent auction was held with many items up for auction. The entertainment for the evening was began with talks and performances by Merrill and Justin Osmond, which provided an exciting start to the evening.

The Hearing Fund UK mission is to build up the self-confidence and self-esteem in deaf and deafblind children by providing sponsorship in their chosen activity. This brought us uplifting stories as told onstage by the children themselves who received sponsorship from The Hearing Fund UK.

Speeches were also made to the audience from the chairperson of CUREUsher, Joanne White, and CUREUsher board director Carol Brill. The fantastic evening entertainment was provided by David Osmond, Christopher Watkins, Cannon and Ball, and The Jersey Quartet.

We aim to release the final amount raised on the night in the coming weeks, and we would like to say a huge thank you to The Hearing Fund UK for supporting the mission of CUREUsher.

All photo credits to Dustin P Smith of Skywall Photography.

A group photo, from left to right, Merrill Osmond, Deborah Heffernan, Carol Brill, Joanne White, Ian Rankin and Justin Osmond.

Merrill and Justin Osmond with the board of CUREUsher, Deborah Heffernan, Carol Brill, Joanne White and Ian Rankin.


Carol Brill is laughing as she speaks to the audience. She is wearing a peach coloured dress and has short blonde hair.

CUREUsher board director Carol Brill giving her speech.


A group photo of children from ages 8 -16 years standing with Merrill, Justin and DavidOsmond.

Sponsored children of The Hearing Fund UK


A group photo of the evening entertainers with the Osmonds and the Hearing Fund UK sponsored children

Merrill, Justin and David Osmond with the evening entertainers and sponsored children.


A group photo of the Osmonds, Hearing Fund UK sponsored children and board of CUREUsher

The Hearing Fund UK with the board of CUREUsher


Joanne is standing to the left, as Carol in the centre takes to the microphone. A man is standing to the right providing assistance.

Joanne White, Chairperson, and Carol Brill, director of CUREUsher preparing their speech.


Joanne is kneeling down next to Kaileb. Both have a cane and are smiling up for a photo being taken.

Joanne White with Kaileb Griggs, a sponsored child by The Hearing Fund UK who also has Usher syndrome.


Justin is standing to the left, while Kaileb is centre, holding a cane and wearing Cochlear implants. His parents are standing behind him and they are laughing.

Kaileb Griggs onstage with his parents Rebecca and Jay speaking with Justin Osmond.