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Changes (part 4)

Final in a series of blog post written by Lynne Morris…? I have been back to the hospital many times since diagnosis. In 2010, I had to have cataract surgery for both eyes.? Not at the same time obviously! I was the youngest patient, when I went for the first eye.? I was so nervous… Read more »

Changes (part three)

Part three in a series of blog post written by Lynne Morris… I couldn’t really talk to my brother who was diagnosed alongside me. We both reacted differently.? We were both at different stages in our lives.? He was still living at home, therefore, didn’t have the same responsibilities that I had to take care… Read more »

Changes (part two)

Part two in a series of blog post written by Lynne Morris… I could have had one last blast in the car and driven home from my nan?s where I’d left it parked.? However, after a very long and serious discussion with my parents, it was decided it wasn’t worth the risk.? What if I… Read more »

Changes (part one)

This is part one in? a series of blog posts written by Lynne Morris… Changes It was a routine eye test at Specsavers that started it all, with a rather dishy older man.? I giggled like a little girl in my head every time he looked into my eyes.? It’s a very up close and… Read more »

Conquering the mountain. (part four)

Final post of four in a series of? blog posts written by Deborah King of how she conquered Mt Kilimanjaro this year despite the challenges she faced along the way due to Usher syndrome. I knew I should have begged Gavin to let me pay for a helicopter down, he didn?t seem to think it… Read more »