May 26th, 2020

Sina-Drums up funds for Usher syndrome research

CUREUsher were recently delighted to have received the support of Sina, a renowned drummer with nearly a million subscribers on YouTube, after she chose to ask her fans to help raise funds for CUREUsher to mark her birthday!

During what are difficult and unprecedented times for many charities in the UK including CUREUsher, this was a welcome boost for CUREUsher. It comes after many of our fundraising events for 2020 had to be either postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19.

Raising funds of just over £3,800, it will help us to ensure that we can continue the mission of CUREUsher to find a cure or treatment for Usher syndrome and end the leading genetic cause of deafblindness. We are the only charity in the UK that raises funds specifically for Usher syndrome research.

From us all here, thank you Sina for your kindness.

You can find out more about Sina by visiting her YouTube channel, Sina-Drums, by clicking  here.