Carol Brill smiling

March 27th, 2020

Self-care challenge for the USHFamily

By Carol Brill

We are all adjusting to our new way of life with social distancing, hand washing and staying at home to protect our loved ones and ourselves from the Coronavirus. Naturally, it has been challenging for some of us living with Usher syndrome. Personally, I am no longer able to avail of online grocery shopping, and being the main carer for my young daughter and for my 81-year-old mother, who is recovering from a broken back, it is an insurmountable challenge. Blessed with friends who can help me out now and again, my ‘independence’ needs both preservation and energising! I cannot tell you how many times I braced myself to go out to the shops and then at the last minute, retreat into my therapeutic house cleaning or crossword puzzle or music. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions for sure!

Golf ‘was’ my therapy and now, it’s housecleaning. Whilst battling to win the Irish Blind Golf Open in 2017, I learned a great phrase my good friend and golf guide, Theresa, taught me. Self-care. ‘Self-care’ means just stepping out of my normal routine for 10 or 15 minutes, to simply breathe, to simply be aware of what my mind and body are feeling, and simply breathing again. I am forever indebted to Theresa for bringing this valuable and oh so necessary practice into my daily life, and not just golf.

Sharing is caring, and so, here I present you with the #UsherSelfCareChallenge. You set a challenge to a friend that both of you will do on the day, to ensure you and your friend have 10 to 15 minutes taking care of yourself each day. You can make a new challenge daily, or perhaps, a challenge to do two/three times a week. Examples include, having a cup of tea or coffee in a fancy cup and saucer; have a foot bath or massage; a yoga video; dancing to your favourite song; or taking the time to hug yourself!

So please join me, to reach out to all over the world, to help us care for each other at this unprecedented time. We are all in this together, and we will get through this together.

 a tea cup with a saucer, white with pink flowers

Taking part in a self-care challenge where I take a few moments to drink tea from my fanciest cup!