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In the Usher community many have nicknamed this ever growing community as the ‘USHFamily’ due to the strength of this community as we face the challenges of Usher together. These blog posts are on various different topics, and are written by members of the USHFamily. From some inspiring stories to the all-too-familiar diagnosis stories, we are sure that many of you will relate to these individual stories, as well as feeling encouraged and motivated. We also believe that by sharing our stories that it can help others to feel less alone on their Usher journey.

We would welcome, and love, any new blog posts on any topic as long as it’s Usher related in some way! Send us one today to with ‘Blog’ in the subject line.

A blindfolded man being led by a black dog accompanied by another man. Both are wearing hiking gear.

The Lone Walker-Blog

My name is Andy, otherwise known as The Lone Walker. Two years ago, I decided to do something pretty big. I had started a recovery from severe depression lasting 4 years, and spending time in the hills and mountains helped me greatly. In the October of that year, I walked up Ben Nevis in Scotland… Read more »