Caption says 'Design a Christmas Card Competition'. CUREUsher?s logo has a moving Santa hat, and says it is supported by Busybeaders.

Take part in our Christmas Card Competition!

With sincere thanks to for supporting this competition, CUREUsher is kicking off its search for our 2020 Christmas Card Design! This competition is open to everyone of all ages to send in their design, based on the theme of ?Together?, and can be a photograph, painting, computer art or illustration. If your entry is… Read more »

CUREUsher and Stichting Ushersyndroom presenting a cheque to researchers for Usher syndrome research.

CUREUsher co-finances its first Usher syndrome research study

CUREUsher is very pleased to officially announce its co-financing of a new research study in a collaboration effort with Stichting Ushersyndroom, a foundation based in the Netherlands. This exciting new research study will focus on minigene therapy as a possible treatment for retinitis pigmentosa associated with Usher syndrome 2C. The study, which is receiving a… Read more »

World Sight Day 2019 logo

World Sight Day 2019

Today is World Sight Day (WSD), an annual day of awareness to focus global attention on blindness and visual impairment. According to the World Health Organisation(WHO), there are approximately 2.2 billion people globally that have a visual impairment or blindness, of whom at least 1 billion have a vision impairment that could have been prevented… Read more »

Introducing our Scientific Advisory Panel

CUREUsher is a charity dedicated to raising funds for Usher syndrome research, and we want to ensure that all money raised by YOU goes to the most promising research of the highest quality in order to find a cure or treatment for Usher syndrome. In order to help us with the difficult task of deciding… Read more »

A group of people standing together posing for the camera.


As we look back on USHDAY 2019, Usher Syndrome Awareness Day, we reflect on how much was gained in such little time. First started in the US five years ago by the Usher Syndrome Coalition, this day is now celebrated globally on the third last Saturday of September. Why was this day chosen by the… Read more »

Daniel, from ProQR who are trialling Usher syndrome research, is sitting at a white desk.

Patients First

By: Daniel de Boer First and foremost, CUREUsher has created a welcoming community for everyone affected by Usher syndrome ? patients, loved ones, caregivers, and the medical community. It means a lot to me that I am able to share my story here. As the father of a son with a cystic fibrosis, I am… Read more »

A group photo, from left to right, Merrill Osmond, Deborah Heffernan, Carol Brill, Joanne White, Ian Rankin and Justin Osmond.. Gala rasing funds for Usher syndrome research

The Hearing Fund UK 8th Gala benefitting CUREUsher

The recent Hearing Fund UK annual gala, held in Leeds at the Royal Armouries, featured a wonderful evening of entertainment with Merrill and Justin Osmond, and friends. CUREUsher was selected to benefit from the proceeds of this year?s event to support our work to fund research into Usher syndrome, the leading genetic cause of deafblindness.… Read more »

[Image description: Image contains the text as in post describing tips on how to make your content more accessible. CUREUsher?s logo is on the bottom left.]


Making your images, videos, website and social media content accessible to all can create a more inclusive world online, and one that everyone can be a part of. The following are some tips that may help to make your content more accessible for those that have visual impairment and hearing loss. Always include alt text… Read more »

[Image description: Image contains three images of Helen Keller at different stages in her life. One is a graduation photo of her. Another is of her as a young woman. And the last image is of an old woman. All images are in black and white. The text in the image lists interesting facts about Helen Keller as in the post. CUREUsher?s logo is on the bottom left.]


It?s day four of ?Deafblind Awareness Week?, and today we are also celebrating ?Helen Keller Day?. This day, June 27th, is dedicated to Helen Keller every year, as this was her birthday. We mark Helen Keller day to celebrate her life and of all her accomplishments despite the challenges she faced during a time of… Read more »

[Image description: Image contains the text as in post describing tips on hot to help/guide a person who is deafblind. CUREUsher?s logo is on the bottom left.]


It?s day 3 of ?Deafblind Awareness Week?, and today it?s all about tips! Sometimes a person who is visually impaired or deafblind may require assistance when out and about. If you think someone requires assistance but you are a little unsure how to offer your help, then keep the following tips in mind. Remember, a… Read more »