Meet the ‘Faces of CUREUsher’

A few months ago, CUREUsher launched a campaign seeking for people to come forward to be one of the faces of CUREUsher to showcase to the world, the diversity of our wonderful Usher community in campaigns to be used across our media platforms and in publications.

The response? Amazing! We were beyond thrilled, and really moved, with the overwhelming response that we received. Thank you to each one of you that have agreed to take part. As we begin to prepare to put all those images together over the next few months to create our official ‘Faces of CUREUsher’, we thought that you might like to meet some of the people behind this campaign with each sharing a little bit about themselves. Each week, we will be adding a new profile here, so be sure to check back again every week.

If you have signed up to be one of the ‘Faces of CUREUsher’ and would like to take part in this series, then please do send an email to us at and we will get back to asap.